Zelená pryskyřice (odlévací) 1kg Zobrazit větší

Zelená pryskyřice (odlévací) 1kg

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High-quality UV photosensitive 405nm liquid resin for 3D printing.

Type: casting.

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Casting resins are suitable for use in areas such as jewelry, dental labs, engineering, architecture, hobby, and others.

Objects printed with casting resins are commonly used for making casting molds (e.g. silicone-based), because the object can be burned out without leaving an ash residue, making this option ideal for e.g. jewelers.

Easy printing and post-processing

Requires special tools and materials for the casting process

High amount of details

No ash residue

Quick solidifying (3-5 seconds)


Do not throw resin bottles (empty or full) into regular waste.

Liquid resins should be treated as dangerous chemicals and you should follow your country’s laws regarding the disposal of dangerous chemicals. There are usually special containers (e.g. oily waste cans) available for public located near gas stations etc.


1. Shake well before using

2. Wear gloves and a respirator before using, avoid direct skin contact

3. Rinse skin with plenty of water in case of an accidental skin contact

4. Not intended for human consumption! Keep away from children and animals.

5. Liquid resins may cause an allergic reaction. Seek medical attention in case you experience discomfort when working with resins

6. Use isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher) to clean printed models.


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Zelená pryskyřice (odlévací) 1kg

Zelená pryskyřice (odlévací) 1kg

High-quality UV photosensitive 405nm liquid resin for 3D printing.

Type: casting.

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