Original Prusa MINI+

Introducing our new compact 3D printer with all the bells and whistles you would expect from the creators of the award-winning Original Prusa i3 MK2 and MK3S! The MINI+ is a big printer in a compact body. We did our best to squeeze as many features into the lowest possible price as possible. The MINI+ is great for beginners, companies looking to build a printing farm and 3D printing enthusiasts worldwide.




This listing is a simple 3-piece assembly. We also offer a DIY KIT for self-assembly.

Save on Prusament shipping costs! Select one Prusament of your choice in the configuration menu on the right side on this page. We will ship the Prusament together with the Original Prusa MINI+ at no extra cost of shipping.

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Original Prusa MINI+ - smart and compact 3D printing workhorse with all the bells and whistles you’re accustomed to when you buy an Original Prusa 3D printer. MINI+ will surprise you. :-) It has a print volume of 18 cm (7”) cubed, removable spring steel sheets, ethernet and optional Wi-Fi and it’s based on our brand new custom-made 32-bit Buddy mainboard with silent 2209 Trinamic drivers. And we pushed the price under 349 USD / 379 EUR (VAT incl.)!



SuperPINDA is a temperature-independent probe that doesn’t suffer from temperature drift and makes the first layer consistent – for example if you are running one print after another but set the Live Adjust Z with a cold printer.

Y-Axis improvements

The U-bolts which were used to secure the Y-axis bearings are gone, too. Instead, there’s a new set of metal clips, which are easier to mount and provide slightly better support for the bearings.

New firmware features

We are improving the firmware regularly on all our printers. However, with MINI+ we have huge plans and we keep adding new features. We have already introduced Prusa Connect Local in 4.0.5 and even more exciting things are about to come!


The most significant features of Original Prusa MINI+


Featuring a 7"×7"×7" (18×18×18 cm) build volume, the MINI+ is a fully-equipped 3D printer. Featuring sensorless homing, automatic Mesh Bed Calibration, replaceable nozzles, network connectivity, USB printing and a full-color LCD screen, the MINI+ is a big printer in a small body.


Configure your 3D printer with ease and see previews of sliced models before you start printing! Thanks to the 2.8’’, 240×320 LCD screen with 65.000 colors, every option is just a few clicks away.


The MINI+ comes standard with an ethernet RJ45 port and optional future ESP Wi-Fi module upgrade. Send files to the printer wirelessly, or download OTA firmware updates. Thanks to the future updates you will be able to manage a whole print farm easily.


Every part we use is thoroughly tested in-house. This is why our 3D printers are highly reliable and safe to use. The MINI+ is equipped with three thermistors and comes with a high-quality power supply (Delta or Mean Well - depending on region) for safe and reliable information.


With a footprint of 38×33 cm (15×13 in), the MINI+ is an incredibly compact, yet fully equipped 3D printer, allowing you to stack several machines onto a single shelf. No matter whether you’re limited by space, or you want to build a printing farm - the MINI+ has a perfect size.


Removing a print has never been easier! With the magnetic heatbed and removable spring steel sheets, you can remove a printed object merely by bending the steel sheet. The surface is easy to maintain and comes in two variants: smooth and textured.


Once you insert a USB drive with a sliced object, a new menu with an object preview window appears. Confirm the selection with a single click of the control wheel and watch the printer do the rest for you.


To decrease the weight of the extruder, we moved the extruder motor on the Z-axis column. Using a 3:1 drive gear ratio, the printer pushes the 1.75 filament strand through a PTFE tube into the hotend and through the 0.4mm nozzle.


More power, more options. Our brand new custom-made 32-bit “Buddy” motherboard with Trinamic 2209 drivers brings more bang for your bucks. It’s capable of nearly everything OctoPrint can do, including farm management software (future firmware update).



"I think the MINI is a great machine, especially for the price. You won't find a more complete package of solid hardware, usable firmware, good documentation and great software under 400 bucks.” Watch the video...


"This small and sturdy machine uses an excellent slicer, comes with a magnificent metal bed, and overall, gives you excellent print quality. It’s difficult to see how anyone could be disappointed with it.” Read more...


"Right out of the box, this thing is so impressive (...) You can get yourself pretty much what I consider to be a top-of-the-line performance printer for 350 USD.” Watch the video...


"When we weigh up the price, performance, reliability and overall product, it is highly recommended for most people to purchase because it does things so well.” Read more...


"If you are in the market for a smaller 3D printer that prints really great things and is pretty easy to use, this is a great option for you (...) the print quality on this is so damn nice!” Watch the video...


"Prusa have done all they can to pack the features of their best selling 3D printers into a smaller and cheaper package. The Mini may be small but it’s reliable, built to last and delivers excellent print quality just like it’s bigger siblings.” Read more...


  • Removable magnetic spring steel sheet with PEI surface (*)
  • Brand new 32-bit “Buddy” motherboard
  • Silent Trinamic 2209 stepper drivers
  • Ethernet RJ45 port and optional future ESP Wi-Fi module upgrade
  • 3 thermistors, fan RPM sensors
  • Bowden system with 3:1 gearing
  • SuperPINDA probe - no temperature drift (more info)

* Consumable parts, such as PEI sheets (smooth, textured, etc.) are not covered by warranty as the coatings are designed to diminish over time unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship. Cosmetic damage, including but not limited to scratches, dents, cracks or other cosmetic damage is also not covered by the warranty. Only defective sheets on arrival are covered by warranty.

  • Build volume 18 x 18 x 18 cm | 7 x 7 x 7 in
  • Trinamic drivers with 256 microstepping
  • Fast preheat: PLA 1 min / ASA 3 min
  • Sensorless homing for X and Y axes
  • 2.8″ graphic 65k color screen with G-Code preview
  • Supported materials - Wide range of thermoplastics, including PLA, PETG, ASA, ABS, PC (Polycarbonate), CPE, PVA/BVOH, PVB, HIPS, PP (Polypropylene), Flex, nGen, Nylon, Woodfill and other filled materials.
  • Printer dimensions (without spool holder & external PSU): 4,5 kg 38×33×38 cm; 15×13×15 in (X×Y×Z)
  • Shipping box dimensions: 11 kg (volumetric weight); 48,5×26,5×40,5 cm; 19×10×16 in (X×Y×Z)
  • Prusament PLA sample weight: ~2x25 g




We designed the MINI+ to be a true 3D printing workhorse. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you can build an entire print farm to produce mechanical parts at a rapid pace. And the affordable price makes the MINI+ a great first 3D printer for everyone.



We are working hard to help you start 3D printing as soon as possible. We are providing full 24/7 customer support with live chat and e-mail in seven languages. You can also use our community forum and knowledge base.



The Original Prusa MINI+ 3D printer features a streamlined design while retaining the same level of reliability as the rest of the Original Prusa family. The printer comes separated into 3 parts - attach them together, run the calibration and you’re ready to print!



Original Prusa MINI+ is fully supported in our own open-source slicing software, PrusaSlicer. It is a feature-rich, frequently updated tool that contains everything you need to export perfect print files. We provide fine-tuned profiles for all supported materials.



All parts of our printer are open-source. The community around our printers is huge and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive - just check the Facebook groups or YouTube videos! There‘s so much to do with your 3D printer - buying it is just the beginning!



Prusa Research is a 3D printing manufacturer located in Prague, Czech Republic. The company was founded by Josef Prusa, one of the core members of the open-source RepRap community, in 2012. Prusa Research develops and produces 3D printers exclusively in its Prague's HQ. Since 2012, more than 150.000 Original Prusa 3D printers has been sold worldwide, receiving praise from both the media and 3D printing enthusiasts. The company also develops its own open-source slicing software PrusaSlicer and produces high-quality in-house-made filament called Prusament. Prusa Research's products are covered by international warranty. The company offers 60-day hasslefree returns (conditions apply)

Original Prusa MINI+ Original Prusa i3 MK3S+

Build volume

18 x 18 x 18 cm | 7 x 7 x 7 in25 x 21 x 20 cm | 9.84 x 8.3 x 8

Layer height

0.05 – 0.25 mm with 0.4 mm nozzle0.05 – 0.35 mm

Max travel speed

200+ mm/s200+ mm/s

Max hotend/heatbed temp.

280 °C / 100 °C (536 °F / 212 °F)

300 °C / 120 °C (572 °F / 248 °F)


Custom 32-bit Buddy electronics with STM32 and latest Trinamic 2209 silent stepper drivers

Einsy RAMBo 8-bit board with Trinamic 2130 drivers co-developed with Ultimachine

MMU2S support




Bowden system with 3:1 gearing

Direct drive

LCD screen

2.8″ graphic 65k color screen

Monochromatic LCD

Print surface

magnetic heatbed with removable PEI spring steel sheets

magnetic heatbed with removable PEI spring steel sheets

Filament diameter



Nozzle diameter

0.4mm (default) / other nozzle diameters supported

0.4mm (default) / other nozzle diameters supported

Supported materials

Any thermoplastic except Carbon filled

Any thermoplastic including Nylon and Polycarbonate

Filament sensor

Optional upgrade

Yes (IR)

Power panic

Future software upgrade, single layer accuracy

Hardware-based, single G-code line accuracy

Ethernet connection


Via Raspberry Pi

Wi-Fi connection

Separate future upgrade (ESP Wi-Fi module)

Via Raspberry Pi

Advanced sensors

3 thermistors + SuperPINDA, fan RPM sensors

3 thermistors + SuperPINDA, fan RPM sensors

Farm mode

Yes (upcoming feature)



Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling

Automatic, Mesh Bed Leveling

Print medium

USB drive / LAN

SD card

Firmware update interface

USB drive / LAN

USB port

Power supply

160W, external adapter by Mean Well or Delta depending on the region

240W, custom made by Delta with Power Panic HW

Kit price

349 USD / 379 EUR (VAT incl.)

749 USD / 769 EUR (VAT incl.)

Assembled printer price

399 USD / 419 EUR (VAT incl.)

999 USD / 999 EUR (VAT incl.)



Awesome little printer

It's my second 3D printer, but first FDM printer (I already had SL1 for few years).

After almost a month of continuous printing with only PETG (except first test print with PLA) I'm very satisfied. After some tweaks to print settings almost no stringing and blobs. No print errors. No failed prints. For me this printer works like wonder. Now I don't even wait when starting new print to watch first layers - yes, I know that it's irresponsible but I know that it will print with just no problems. I just clean plate with IPA after each print to be sure it's clean.

For me only complication during assembly was the length of the LCD mounting screw (in the end it fits but I was very very uncertain and worried if I won'ť break the mounting point). I recommend using shorter screw.

If I will find more room space, I won't hesitate to buy another MINI+ printer.

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Seriously, Just buy the Dam Printer...

I have an etsy shop and I sell a lot of 3d printed things. For years I've gone through more printers than underwear. Each time deciding to go cheap (sub $300) I've gone through no joke about 10 printers as of now. I finally decided to buckle up and buy 3 prusa minis. I figured I wanted to know what the hell was the big deal about these crazy expensive printers.

Well, egg on my face as it was the best dam thing I ever bought. Dependable doesn't even come close to expressing how well these have been working. They are fast and work and work and just WORK.

If you're cheap and don't want to spend a bunch of money on a printer like the $1000 mk3, then buy the mini if the bed size will work, they are IDENTICAL in quality and speed.

I bought 3, I may buy more, however, the one sucky thing is they don't play well with farm software like octoprint, AstroPrint - HOWEVER, the only thing bad about these software options is that the filament sensor is never detected and will continue to print when your filament runs out (Only when using the server software mentioned, other than that they work fine, if not great with them)

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So this was my first 3D printer and as usual I would read reviews, watch videos on experiences to no end to make sure what I was going to buy would be good.

Well after 2 evenings of building my printer is alive and boy does it print well. Teamed with some prusament the prints are fantastic. Now I should be honest, its not issue free, nothing of such complexity ever is, but I wouldn't want it to be, I've had 2 periods of downtime where I've learnt soooooo much about how the thing works, how to tune it to get near-perfect prints (and I mean perfect) and how to maintain it extremely well. Without that downtime I would just expect the thing to work and when it doesn't throw my arms up in the air and email someone and not learn anything.

Once I've fully experimented with everything Ill be getting several more for a print farm for a new tech start-up. Should be fun :)


    Update - Defective new Mini plus (assembled)

    I wanted to get back after Prusa had a chance to correct the situation. After speaking to a manager that person was able to address my situation. A new part was sent and that fixed my issue. Mini Plus is up and running and printing and I have been able to learn and have fun on it. I was down for 4 days and that was reasonable.

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    After first calibration, it just printed, no issues so far.
    The Filament samples delivered with the Printer were pretty brittle

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    Defective new Mini plus (assembled)

    Received and assembled mini plus yesterday (not the kit). Spent several hours trying to but it would not pass the XYZ calibration. Can print a decent initial layer but prints were awful. Spent 6 hours on the phone with customer service and could not get it to pass calibration test or wizard (XYZ). That is OK because I know not everything can be 100% perfect. Was given the choice to send unit back from the USA and wait up to 30 days for repair the defective unit sent to me, or send half of the machine back and they will send a replacement part. Requested that they send the new axis ASAP and I will send the defective XY axis back and they can charge me if they don’t receive in a prompt manner. Just wanted to start printing after waiting several weeks for initial delivery. Denied. So a bit disappointed in the customer service for this issue.

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    Very good little printer

    Assembly was easy-ish with the almost-assembled version.
    Although, there are 2 mistakes in the printed manual:
    The screw for the display is mentioned to be a M3x12, but actually you should use the M3x20. (there is no other M3x12 screw in the package except for the spare btw). Even when the 20mm screw is super hard to get in all the way. (I used a washer...)
    And the hole in the electronics box for the Y-axis servo cable is not where the manual says and the actual opening is borderline small to get that connector through)
    Had to read the PDF manual to get over that.
    Other than that, it was easy.
    The display is very nice. It shows you a preview of the item and is color + easy navigation with the wheel.
    The printer is really low noise compared to others.
    Print quality is excellent. All I needed to do was getting the 1st layer right and from there it was really good results up to now.
    Mesh bed levelling is godsent. No more fiddling with paper and dumb bed screws.
    Live-Z- Adjust is also very helful to get the perfect 1st layer dialled in.
    I'm a complete 3D printing newb (read and watched a lot before buying tho), and so far, this printer made it really easy to get into it without having to upgrade stuff or reading millions of forum posts to overcome quality problems.
    Yes, it's more expensive than some china clones, but I would spend that extra money again. It's worth it.
    You want to spend time on printing, not on making the device viable in the first place ...

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    Exceeds expectations

    The print quality is excellent.
    Assembly was easy, started printing immediately and was surprised by the print quality.

    For the prototypes I need to print the size is convenient.

    I had 2 small issues:
    1 - the usb stick that comes with the printer is trash, kept getting errors and it blocked during prints; changed the stick with one of my own, everything fine since then
    2 - after a while the Y axis started to get noisy, had to tighten some screws, specially the ones holding down the heatbed and lubed the rods, after everything is silent again, but this is expected when there are moving parts and vibrations

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    First printer, very happy

    I'd give it 4.5/5 stars actually. I only have to deduct a tiny bit from a perfect rating because of some minor design flaws that have been raised before (see comments in the online assembly guide).


    - Excellent print quality. Minimal stringing and blobbing, much better than videos I've seen of unprocessed prints from cheaper printers. I hardly have to do any post-processing except when I print with supports. I've only had one failed print so far, which was my fault - I neglected to enable supports for a model with some overhang.

    - Easy to use, and everything is well documented.

    - Compact despite a more than adequate build volume for my needs (functional parts for small robots and animatronics).


    - Smooth build plate longevity seems questionable. After a few weeks of printing I already have several small patches where the coating seems to have peeled off. I have only cleaned it with paper towel and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Maybe refreshing with acetone will help, and maybe it doesn't matter since bed adhesion is still good.

    - The optional filament sensor puts a lot of pressure on the filament and prevents it from smoothly traveling through. I think Prusa should have just used a soft-touch roller lever actuator or gone fully optical.

    - The screw attaching the LCD housing was way too long, it could not be driven in far enough to hold the LCD housing in place. Had to replace with a much shorter wood screw.

    These are fairly minor cons. If starting over I'd buy the same printer again, no hesitation.

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    Amazing printer but room for improvements

    Had an amazing time with this printer, the quality of the prints are unmatched for the price. Very simple to setup and the pre-configured slicer settings work remarkably well.

    The only issue that i ran into was nozzle clogging which was discovered by a clicking extruder. Looks like the factory ptfe tube either was too short or had shrunk during my prints. Purchased a bondtech upgrade (extruder & heatbreak), currently running some benchmarks (first two are perfect quality so far).

    Print size is perfect, 95% of my prints fits.

    The printer produced the best benchy I've ever seen on .2 mm layer heights.

    Great purchase, i have my 2nd already on order, figured that its more value to get two of these and a spool of filament rather than a single mk3s. Also, it's 32bit which i assume is the future for prusa printers, so in a sense its also a more futureproof printer.

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    Original Prusa MINI+

    Original Prusa MINI+

    Introducing our new compact 3D printer with all the bells and whistles you would expect from the creators of the award-winning Original Prusa i3 MK2 and MK3S! The MINI+ is a big printer in a compact body. We did our best to squeeze as many features into the lowest possible price as possible. The MINI+ is great for beginners, companies looking to build a printing farm and 3D printing enthusiasts worldwide.




    This listing is a simple 3-piece assembly. We also offer a DIY KIT for self-assembly.

    Save on Prusament shipping costs! Select one Prusament of your choice in the configuration menu on the right side on this page. We will ship the Prusament together with the Original Prusa MINI+ at no extra cost of shipping.