Azure Blue Tough Resin 1kg


High-quality UV photosensitive 405nm liquid resin for 3D printing.


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Tough resins are perfect for printing of objects where toughness and durability are important. Printed objects are soft and have resin residue on the surface - they need to be washed in isopropyl alcohol and cured with UV light to achieve optimal surface properties.

Tough resins are among the most popular materials for SLA printing and can be used to print a wide range of objects, from RC models to spare parts for other machines.


Easy printing and post-processing

Brittle (printed objects shatter under high pressure)

Tough and hard

Not for casting

Highest amount of details

Quick solidifying (6-9 seconds)


This resin is not bio-compatible nor approved for use with food, drink, or for medical applications on or in the human body. Always read the safety data sheet.

Do not throw resin bottles (empty or full) into regular waste.

Liquid resins should be treated as dangerous chemicals and you should follow your country’s laws regarding the disposal of dangerous chemicals. There are usually special containers (e.g. oily waste cans) available for public located near gas stations etc.


1. Shake well before using

2. Wear gloves and a respirator before using, avoid direct skin contact

3. Rinse skin with plenty of water in case of an accidental skin contact

4. Not intended for human consumption! Keep away from children and animals.

5. Liquid resins may cause an allergic reaction. Seek medical attention in case you experience discomfort when working with resins

6. Use isopropyl alcohol (90% or higher) to clean printed models.

Technical Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheet

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Azure Blue Tough Resin 1kg

Azure Blue Tough Resin 1kg

High-quality UV photosensitive 405nm liquid resin for 3D printing.