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Infill Cura vs Slicer PE

Sep 16, 2018 10:18 am

Anybody knows how to change settings slic3r PE so that it prints the infill like in Cura?

Cura always prints de infill even if there are different heigths in the same piece. I mean, if it arrives to a point where there is part of the surface where it is going to continue printing (cause it has a higher dimensión) , there it will continue with the infill, and in the rest areas it will print the solid layer (in those parts where it has arrive to the highest point)
Slicer, nevertheless, will print solid layer each time it arrives to a point where an área has reach the highest point. Fort he whole surface, even in those parts where it is going to continue printing.
If we analyse Cura piece with different heights in the same piece, the highest parts section will have two solid layer (the covers) and infill, all over the rest. Slicers section will have solid layers (as much as thicksness has the piece +the 2 covers) and infill .
Of course, Slicer printing is much more fast but its pieces are much more fragile too.
I know it is a bit difficult to explain, that i why I have uploaded a pic , so that I van improve my explanation 

Thank you very much.
Infill Cura Left Slice Right
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