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Lack enclosure and stability

Jul 13, 2018 4:59 pm

UPDATE: This should probably be moved to this forum: user-mods-octoprint-enclosures-nozzles--f43/

I'm a soon to be Mk3 owner, my first 3D printer. I like the idea of an enclosure, and IKEA & TAP Plastics are within driving distance. My question is about stability.

I don't yet know exactly where the printer will go, but I was thinking of building only a single level Lack enclosure and keeping the printer on a solid desk. The enclosure either wouldn't have a "floor", or I'd buy a second Lack use just the 2nd top for the floor and put rubber feet on the bottom. I have seen some forum posts mention placing the printer on a paver stone, but I'm not sure what problem this is solving for. Does this really need to be it's own freestanding cabinet with two Lack tables? Will it just work on a desk? Do I need a bottom to the enclosure instead of the desktop?

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