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Jul 13, 2018 7:31 pm

I made some tests with soluble interface with PVA+ (https://shop.prusa3d.com/en/special/169 ... results=7#), first with the original settings in Slic3r PE, that did not succeed.
Searching around the Internet I made some settings that gave me a quite decent result:
  • Increasing the PVA+ temperature to 210 °C
  • Increasing the extrusion multiplier for the PVA+ to 1.1
  • Increasing the density of the support (for main support and PVA+, the PVA nees some area to stick to)
  • Lowering the speed for the interface to 15 mm/s
  • Lowering the speed for PLA to 20 (this seems to be needed to get a decent bond between PLA and PVA)
Lowering the PLA speed in all makes the print take very long. Only 2 or 3 layer above the interface would be in need to printed slow, the rest could be printed with normal speed.
As the support (interface) simulates a print bed , the top layer of the interface should be completely closed, else the area to be printed next is not completely flat. Even with pattern spacing "0", there are holes in the interface and BTW: why to print the whole support solid???


So my question is, for the next version of Slic3r PE, could there be some improvements for printing with PVE+?

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