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Slic3r Layer view shows Skirt at 0.6mm when using supports.

Sep 16, 2018 10:46 am

I had a problem slicing a model where the bottom layer was 'infill' rather than a base.. But after flipping it over a few times and slicking it was fine.

But whilst investigating this, I wasted a ton of time, as the Layer view showed the "skirt" at 0.6mm (3 layers in the air).

When I sliced it without supports, the skirt was at layer 1.. But when I enable support, it goes to layer 3.

BUT.. When I look at the Preview view (And an external GCode viewer), the skirt is on layer 1. So I wonder if this is just a bug in the layer view?

before I report it as a bug, could someone who is more familiar with this verify my findings?


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