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MK2.5 upgrade + multimaterial 2.0 upgrade

Feb 19, 2019 4:52 pm

I just received both upgrades. I currently have my original prusa mk2s with first multimaterial upgrade.
I don't know best way to proceed with upgrade. I can see mk2.5 need some printed parts, but most are from extruder, that I believe won't be used in multimaterial 2.0
which path should I follow? upgrade to 2.5 single extruder and than upgrading to multimaterial seems a lot of effort not needed...
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Re: MK2.5 upgrade + multimaterial 2.0 upgrade

Feb 19, 2019 9:37 pm

assuming you are not planning to wait for the mmu2S upgrade,

your mmu2 should have been supplied with a set of extruder housing parts,

build the mk2.5 upgrade using the extruder housing parts from the mmu2 upgrade, instead of the mk2.5 upgrade extruder housing parts, and use the mk2.5 filament sensor cover... check that the printer works well as a mk2.5, then build the mmuv2, change the filament sensor top cap, install the mmuv2, update the printer firmware and the mmu firmware, and start learning how to drive the new beast!

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