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Just upgraded to 2.5 - just want to say thanks!

Jun 16, 2018 10:16 pm

Hi guys,
i'm using a MK2-Kit for 2,5 years now - primary for hobby-electronic projects and things, that are broken in the household. I don't use it any day, so i'm no "poweruser" in this context.

Just upgraded to the MK2.5 - and i read from many people, that had problems after the upgrade. With the firmware, the calibration points of the bed, etc. - and i thought it would be nice to hear from someone, that had no big issues after the update.

In contrast, i'm very happy:
1) The printer-movements seems to be improved and faster - don't know, if it's regarding the Printer-Firmware or the new Slic3r-Version 1.4. I'm one of that guys that only wants to check if the print is going ok and then sits 10 minutes in front of the printer and follow the movements of the extruder :-D
2) The bearings and rods are awesome! I ever had the problem with the MK2, that the bearings or rods or some other parts are getting loud by vibration. Thats gone - and now, still using the "Power Mode", the printer is a way more silent!
3) The headbet. Wow. I had issues with the old one printing ABS - hat to print big brims & co, so that the object is not losing the adhesion. With the new bed (i forget to select the brim in slic3r...) little objects seems to have a better adhesion. Also, it's ultra easy to plop the parts off after print.
4) Thanks in advance for the best manual that i've ever seen. I'm working as IT-Technican, so i have to read HowTo's and Manuals a couple of times per day but i never saw this quality of documentation at other company's products.
5) I have no idea what you did by using this new PINDA. BUT: I don't had to tweak the LiveZ-Value by switching from PLA to ABS (before the upgrade, i had differences by ~0,8mm) and i don't have to wait 120 seconds for the Pinda Probe to heat up. If you print smaller parts, that waiting for the pinda was annoying :)
6) Little feature-updates, that i don't expected. Like loading new filament: I unloaded the filament, put the new one in and want to use the "Load filament"-Option in the menu and BAM, auto-loading with a beep, when finished. Had to smile in this moment :-)

I know that the MK2.5 may be the "last feature upgrade" for my hardware. And it's okay - if a MK4 is released, maybe i buy a new kit and be happy to get X years+ upgrades for it.

So... thanks for all that guys (and girls) that help to give customers like me a "good feeling" and sometimes a smile (also in the aspect that it was a good idea to buy a little expensiver printer than these china clones).


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Re: Just upgraded to 2.5 - just want to say thanks!

Jul 20, 2018 6:40 pm

I am waiting on my MK2.5 upgrade kit with the powder coated sheets, and I thank you for the positive feedback. After reading in the forum all of the negative feedback, I had strongly considered rethinking my decision even though I knew it shouldn't be that bad. I have am MK3 which works great so I thought I was familiar with the major component upgrades, and perhaps some of the folks had unrealistic expectations. I myself simply wanted the same build surface, the new extruder gears, and the PINDA with temp sensor. I too had to come up with a way to work around switching materials and wound up keeping the extruder in the air while the bed was heating and adjusting +- 50 depending on the material. It was predictable, but kind of annoying. In any event thanks again for the feedback. I feel better now.

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