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Trying to figure out what is causing layer misalignment

Jan 16, 2019 3:39 pm

I'm trying to figure out why my layers are coming out all mis-aligned. I checked the belts, redid all my calibrations, and even adjusted the end stops but am at a loss as to what I can do any further. I'm printing with Hatchbox PLA at 200 nozzle, 60 bed using a Cubic Rectilinear infill at 20%. I am using the Prusa3D Slic3r MK2 software (which I'm slowly starting to think I should switch slicers with how often I have to tweak settings (again) after finally getting it to behave for a while). Extrusion multiplier is at 0.95. I haven't messed with any speed settings aside from First Layer being printed at 50% speed.

Retraction is also an issue I'm noticing which I'm trying to resolve. Current settings are:
Length: 2.2mm
Lift Z: 0.6mm
Retraction Speed: 50 mm/s
Deretraction Speed: 50mm/s
Minimum travel after retraction: 1mm
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Re: Trying to figure out what is causing layer misalignment

Jan 16, 2019 5:00 pm

Your first problem is your live-z needs adjustment, you should not be able to see individual strands of the brim. Look for the 'life z my way' thread here on the forum and use that to calibrate first layer.

Retraction of 2.2 and speed of 50mm/s seems a bit on the high side. Try 0.8 and 30.

Have you done an extrusion calibration? There are two required, one for the accuracy of the feed length and one to check the agreement between set wall thickness and actual printed wall.

Once those are done, then over extrusion can be discounted as a reason for the layer shifts and if they still exist you can look for mechanical causes. Common causes include loose belt slipping on the toothed pulley, loose grub screw on a motor pulley, grub screw not tightened on the flat face of the motor shaft, print debris between the belt and pulley, cable bundle catching on the frame or on another cable.

Hope this helps you solve the problem and get back to printing.
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