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Life After PINDA Replacement

Mar 06, 2019 3:03 pm

Hey All,

I just replaced my PINDA probe and am having a very difficult time getting back to workable settings. I am not a super user, so I haven't aquired a lot of the tricks others use!

After I go through the calibration procedure and run the First Layer Calibration routine, I have to move the z-adjust to somewhere in the -1.7 range in order to get anything to stick. I was in the -0.25-0.30 range before.

The PINDA is just slightly higher than my nozzle (2 sheets of paper worth).

Any info/guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Life After PINDA Replacement

Mar 06, 2019 11:13 pm

The PINDA should detect a screwdriver tip at 2mm.

Raise the extruder, and watching the LED in it, how close does the screwdriver need to be to turn off? You can also try to test this once the printer has homed. Issue a G28 W using Pronterface - or start a print - let it home then stop the print. You can move the Z-axis up and down and watch the led turn on and off. The LED should be off at 0 mm on the display. And the PINDA should be 2 mm above the metal (plus or minus).

Anyway - when you run through the setup, you should have used a cable tie to set PINDA height. Did you do that?

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