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pre-assembled Prusa-V2Calibration.gcode failure

Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:33 pm

I received today my pre-assembled Prusa. I followed the flowchart and "calibrate Z" and instead of printing Prusa logo, I printed V2Calibration (even though this was pre-assembled). I remember the first time it was perfect. In the afternoon, I wanted to show the printer to someone during calibration, so I did calibrate XYZ. Here are the mistakes that I did:
1- I did not read the instructions on the LCD and did not put a paper under the nozzle (I did not hear any loud noise of nozzle hitting the bed, so I hope that is fine)
2- After calibrating 4 points, the printer does another 9. It was taking long and I could not cancel it, so I turned the power off.
After that, I did the prusa logo and I was seeing there is something wrong with the first layer, but I continued. I left the machine during the print and when I came back I saw that the print stuck to the nozzle and it failed the print. I removed the failed print and tried the V2calibration again. This time V2Calibration is not with straight angles. I did "selftest", "Calibrate Z" , "Calibrate XYZ", bed elvel options and they all say it is calibrated. But, with multiple try, I still have problem with "first layer calibration". Please help
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Re: pre-assembled Prusa-V2Calibration.gcode failure

Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:37 am

You need to let the XYZ calibration finish, and you need to set you Live Z. When you ran the XYZ Calibration it zero-ed your Live Z that the factory had set, and since you did not let it finish, you don't have a calibration of the skew of the printer.

Please follow the step found here:

prusa-i3-kit-building-calibrating-first ... tml#p39190

All of them. And let them finish. And follow the directions. Failure to do so can damage your printer.
Any advices given are offered in good faith. It is your responsibility to ensure that by following my advice you do not suffer or cause injury, damage or loss.

If you solve your problem, please post the solution for others.

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