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Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:11 pm

Just finished modifying my MK2 with the MM E4 kit. Minor issue at first with the filament not being fed properly from E1. After some troubleshooting, it appeared that the filament was getting caught on entry into the hotend PTFE tube. Re-positioned the multiplexer slightly which seem to eliminate the problem. The assembly itself went very smoothly, thanks to the clear set of instructions. All-in-all, I am very happy with the quality & thought that went into this kit. I ordered my kit back in September & it was well worth the wait.

Thanks Prusa Team! Marc

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Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:20 am

Got my MM upgrade last week. it took about 3.5 hrs to install. I had upgraded my MK2 to 2S last mionth and that went well and the printer was nicely dialed in.

The build was straightforward, just a few minor things to watch out for like fitting the Y to the hot end carriage. My PTFE was just a little too long (1mm) so it wouldn't fit properly. The top of this tube is chamfered to help the filament guide in - easy to do with a brand new X-acto blade and steady hands.

Now I'm working on printing. Calibration went fine and I have a good 1st layer thickness. I am having some extrusion issues with skipped steps. I have 9 Bondtech extruders on other printers and have never heard one skip a step! So something is not quite right. I have checked the filament paths in the extruders and the idlers are tensioned as per the guide. Just getting started sorting this out so hopefully I'll find the issue soon. It is pretty interesting to watch the swap over process.

I'm just finishing a print now and this might be a clue... I'm printing the gear bearing in 4 colors. I got fairly routine clicking (extruder skipped steps) with each of the 4 colors. This model prints the first 1.2mm in multi colors then uses filament in extruder 1 for most of the print and then finishes the last 1.2mm in multi colors. As soon as the single color printed the skipping stopped and the next 13.6mm printed quite nicely without skipped extruder. Then when the multi color started printing again, that first extruder is skipping steps again as are the others. Odd behavior that might be indicative of the root problem. Perhaps binding of some sort in the Y splitter.

I read in a previous post in this thread about "back pressure" during the purge palette print. Perhaps it's related to that. After this print is complete I'll go through each extruder carefully. Any recommendations or insight greatly appreciated.

Also, @PJR, I'd love a copy of your KISS post processor. I'm a ,major KISS supporter and have been working on testing the next version. Perhaps I can convince Jonathan to implement support in a future release.


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Sat Aug 26, 2017 8:08 pm

After few days of installing I am disappointed.
Mounting is fairly easy, even if the tube of the multiplexer keep falling out at risk of loosing them.
First calibration Z, the pinda keps failing and the head kept crashing on the bed. Moving the PIna down of less than 0.5mm solved the issue ... very weird.
First print the heat break snaps. Never heard of.

I replaced the hot end with a standard one, all I had and now it prints but the filments on 3 and 4 keep getting stuck at the exit of the multiplexer.

The result is decent, pity for the irregularities caused by the filament blocking.

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