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Ordering parts from Prusa

Mar 29, 2018 4:43 pm

So recently my PINDA probe stopped working, and I was forced to buy a new one from Prusa's shop since their parts aren't exactly easy to get in North America. I figured since I'm paying the ridiculous shipping fee I might as well get a few other parts (a pair of cooling fans and a brass pulley) just in case something else breaks down the road. The bill is $28 for the parts, and $20 for shipping. Now I got a call to pay $22 for customs clearance, for a few small parts that don't even weigh a pound combined. So I'm paying almost twice the price of the parts just to get them here.

Unless Prusa makes ordering their stuff cheaper, as much as I like the printer, I will not support them in the future due to these excessive fees. Paying $70 for a pinda probe, 2 cooling fans, and a hobbed pulley is crazy. I can order just about anything on ebay regardless of weight/size from China and get free shipping without any custom fees, so what gives? Either put a prusa shop up on amazon or figure something out to fix this problem. /vent

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Re: Ordering parts from Prusa

Mar 30, 2018 12:39 pm

Odd that you're paying duty on that amount. A month ago I ordered $188.35 in spares for my Mk2S's and shipping and handling was $19.73 with no additional duty charges. I too ordered both fans, pinda, a heatbed, hotend and tubing. Excellent service.
You might want to look into those duty charges.
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