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Hotend thermistor E3D

Thermistor pour Hotend E3D

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Ce produit inclut :

  • Thermistor E3D pour hotend (1 pcs)

Spécifications :

  • Connecteur : Molex 5057-9402
  • Longueur du câble : 750 mm

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Thermistor experience with prusa mk3s

I had problems with the thermistor as it gets damaged quite quickly, The main issue is when the print comes off the bed and creating a blob around the hot end, almost every time this happens my thermistor get destroyed. Unfortunately it has been out of stock for quite a while now , It would be nice for it to handle a little bit more damage, or design a hot end that protects it in a better way. Plus this sensor is crucial so having it always in stock is crucial.

Otherwise the thermistor does its job and the instructions to replace it are clear.

Thank you

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Hotend thermistor E3D

Hotend thermistor E3D

Thermistor pour Hotend E3D